30 April 2012

Just in case anyone gets updates....

I'm planning on blogging... FOR REAL.... but this blog either needs a facelift or it needs to die and a new blog born.... we shall see. For now, though, I posted my shutterfly newborn pic book so I can get $10 off my next order ;)

Photo Book

Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at Shutterfly.com.

16 May 2010

Cell Photos

Just some cute ones lately...

One of my fave times of day is when Minnie first wakes up and Jack hears her on the monitor and says "(gasp) it's sissy! Can I go get her?" I give him permission and so he takes a stool and runs in there, props it next to her crib, and jumps in bed with her and they laugh and play for awhile. Minnie truly adores him... she giggles more for no other :)

Also, Minnie is, of course, the sweetest baby ever. But, I'm still amazed at how content she is all of the time. Eating crackers and riding in the jogger are her absolute most relaxed times. I swear she could ride around all day that way.


Look how terrible I am! I keep saying I'll keep up with this blog. This week, I PROMISE, I am posting a hilarious video of Monster making Minnie "chase" him, pics of Min's first haircut, some kind of ranting of my own, and an update on Aaron in Victoria and the babes and me as well. It will happen...

23 March 2010

A Familiar Face as Seals Manager

In case you hadn't already heard...

Former Seattle Mariner named as club's Field Manager.

For Immediate ReleaseTuesday March 8, 2010

Victoria, BC - The Victoria Seals are proud to announce the hiring of Bret Boone as Field Manager for the 2010 Golden Baseball League season. With this announcement, Boone becomes the second manager in club history.

A 14-year veteran of the Major Leagues, Boone collected three All-Star nominations and four Gold Glove Awards while patrolling second base for the Seattle Mariners, Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres and Minnesota Twins. Boone's position with the Seals marks his first foray into professional baseball management.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for me to start the second chapter of my baseball career," said the 40-year-old Boone. "Returning to the Pacific Northwest is a thrill for me, and I can't wait to start pulling together a winning franchise here in Victoria."

(access the article in full via: http://victoriaseals.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=367%3A020910-seals-hand-reins-to-bret-boone&catid=42%3Arokstories&Itemid=27)

Rocking Chair Cushions

Our rocker is currently being used by nephew Max. BUT I happened to find a FREE rocker but it had MAUVE cushions! So what do I do? Find a swell tablecloth at World Market and call upon my fave sewing buddy (Evan) and voilĂ ! Evan says he's getting me a sewing machine for my birthday... maybe better be before that because I have a few sewing projects on my mind... anyway, cute eh? I know, the oak isn't so appealing but how much energy am I really going to put into this piece that is only temporary in my house?... exactly.

21 March 2010

Monster's First Haircut!

Yes yes, it's true! Until now he only had "flowbees...."

FLOWBEE: like the "suck 'n' cut" from Wayne's World...

BEFORE (it really was cute when wavy)

DURING (not mad, just making faces at himself in the mirror ;)

AFTER (almost done, my camera died)

It's so funny, I took him to a salon instead of a kid's haircut place. "Ian's mommy" from preschool (note to self, ask her name on Tuesday) suggested "Bright and Beautiful" salon because she takes Ian there and she does a great job with kiddos. She was right, Monster loved her.

18 March 2010

By the Way, Marathon Training is Going Swell!

Check it out!

Okay okay so I'm not off to the best start... I totally skipped February, haven't updated about kiddos and life and haven't even posted a pic of sweet Minnie! BUT, it's a start nonetheless...

I had to share this awesome item I found at World Market. The bag is awesome for a number of reasons: 1) they fit in any closet/under any cupboard because they are flexible, 2) they are super cheap (and even on sale at the moment), 3) they are totally washable (via a hose is my guess what I'll use) in case someone forgets to rinse the yogurt out of the cup, and 4) they promote recycling which is of course the goal!

While I was on www.worldmarket.com uploading the pic, I came across another great find that I may just have to go snag for myself. What an awesome way to remind our guests that recycling is important..

18 January 2010

I'm baaaaaaack!

It's been exactly one year and two months since I've visited this sad little blog... I vowed to rejoin the blogging world as part of my New Year's resolution! Now that I've made this promise in writing (surely you'll hold me to it), I'll be back on to update soon!


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